UCN Digital HD and SD STBs

State of Art Set Top Box, to enhance your TV entertainment. Richer Sound, vibrant Video, More Channels and better experience. Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Parental Controls, Language Selection.

Up to 1200 Channels Possible, Radio Channels, Local News, Live Programs and Unique LIVE Railway and Airport Timetable. Local Movie Channels screening Hollywood and Bollywood films, Without Break. Live Local Events and Live religious programs.

HD Recording

High picture quality, Stereophonic Crispy Sound.

Unlimited Recording.

Viewing Aspect Ratio

True HD-1080i Display.

Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound

Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound ‘E.AC-3’

Series Recording

Live Play and Pause Feature.

The best viewing experience

The best viewing experience.

How fast can I download?

Take a look at how long it might take to download music or movies, based on different broadband speeds. With on demand you’ll be able to start watching shortly after the download has started, no need to wait for the full download.

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